Ready To Have All The Barking And

Over-The-Top Behaviors Disappear.....

Without Endless Hours Of Training?

What's Included In The Program:

  • Remove your dog's unwanted over-the-top reactions to everyday things

  • Regain control when it comes to your dog

  • Small Intimate Group of Dog Parents to focus on YOUR issues and how to specifically get results YOU'RE wanting!!

  • Dedicated ONE-ON-ONE attention to make sure your results come FAST!!

  • And SO MUCH MORE!!!!

***Program Starts January 17th. You'll get access to the Private Facebook Group and all the Pre-Work we've been doing!!!!

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Let's cut straight to the point: You're here because you want to do what's right for your dog...

You're not the kind of dog parent who wants to continue making excises for your dog being loud and excited.

You don't want to feel flustered and frustrated when your dog DOES decide they want to get boisterous, right?

You also know that when your dog gets like that, they're not in a great place mentally.

They don't want to get exasperated and crazy because they have nothing better to do.

They get that way because they're in a heightened emotional state like fear or stress or anxiety....

But you also don't know how to get them out of that state. You don't know how to best help them because, well, in those moments, they're not even listening.

You know your dog is brilliant, and you want them to have it all..

  • Take and enjoy walks on a daily basis

  • Avoid the semi-momentary overwhelm and chaos involved when your dog gets like that.

  • Be able to experience more with you because they KNOW how to handle themselves getting stressed and recover quickly!

This Program Is Revolutionary And Will Allow You To Change How Your Dog Copes With The World Around Them In As A Few Days!!!

I know you can see it now:

You're sitting quietly in your living room and you're just about ready to get dinner ready. You've had a wonderful day relaxing with your dog, basking in the sun and enjoying the afternoon outside playing in the backyard.

All-of-a-sudden, the doorbell rings and your heart catches in your throat. You know the very FIRST THING that normally happens when there's a sound at the front door is your furry lovebug, and companion, desperately trying to alert you that something is there and you MUST let them make it go away!

But instead of your pup going crazy at the door, they simply look at it and.......GASP....Remain SILENT!!! They acknowledge the sound at the door and remain still and non-reactive.

Yu breath a sign of relief and FEEL, for the first time in a long time, the sense of calm that you've wanted for so long.

What would that be worth to you? What would it feel like to have calm and peace replace the Noise and Chaos that was there before?

It would feel spectacular wouldn't it?

This is me giving you permission to have all of those things! This is me telling you that ALLLLL of that is possible......You just need to do something different than you have in the past.

This program isn't like anything else you've ever done!

This program is for you if:

  • You want your dog to make different choices.

  • You want MORE for your dog than the limited life they're currently living because of their crazy behaviors!

  • You know your dog is smart and you KNOW they can learn to do things different, you just don't know how to help them do that.

This Program is not for you if:

  • You want the easy button to get rid of your dog's unwanted behaviors.

  • You're not ready to do things differently because different is NEW and NEW is SCARY.

  • You're completely fine making excuses for your dog even though you know those excises aren't helping them get any better.

Don't you owe it to yourself to help your dog in the deepest, most loving way possible NOW?

You know it's never been the fact that you didn't want to help them; It's never been the fact that you didn't want to give them the very best of everything....

It might have just been the fact that you didn't know how....

You didn't know how to get through to them in a way that they understood; In a way that made sense to THEM!

Click the button below and make the choice to move your lives in the right direction today! I believe in the BOTH of you!!

Unit 1: Rules & Boundaries - We'll go over how to set the rules for your home and how to get your dog to give you their focus to learn those temporary rules for the holidays!

Unit 2: Leave It Behavior - Teach your dog how to leave things along before they start giving it attention (like the decorations or the presents under the tree!)

Unit 3: The Drop It Behavior - Teach your dog how to spit things out that they already have in their mouthes

Unit 4: Spot Behavior - Teach your pup to go lay down at a certain location so they're not running around being crazy

Unit 5: Jumping - Teach your pup to NOT jump on the guests you've invited over for the festivities!

Unit 6: Barking and Desensitizing - If you dog has the habit of barking at people at the door, or at people that come to your home, this will definitely come in helpful in making sure that they're not reactive when those things happen

Unit 7: Controlling Your Dog's Behavior - Helping your dog learn how to control their energy so they're not going from 0 to 100 randomly when you don't want them to

Unit 8: Boundary Training - Making sure that you're using all of your resources to train your dog NOT to cross certain boundaries (like the doorway to the kitchen while you're cooking and majorly multi-tasking!)

Unit 9: Introducing You Dog To The Things They're Not Supposed to Mess With - This is actually the most important Unit in the Program because you're diving into your dog's cognitive ability to understand more!!!

Unit 10: How Your Guests Should Respond To Your Dog - Your guests haven't trained your dog, YOU HAVE! Help them understand what your dog needs form them!

Perception Modification FAQs

Will this work for my breed of dog?

Yes, this will work for your breed of dog? How do I know? Because regardless of size, every dog's brain is wired the same. Changing their perception works the same way with a Chiweenie, as it does for a German Shepherd.

When does the Program Start?

The Program starts January 17th

How long is the Program?

The Program is 30 days long

If the Program doesn't start till January 17th, what do I do till then?

You'll gain access to the Private Facebook Group where we'll work on opening up your dog as much as possible and get them more ready to make the mental shift you're going to ask them to make when you start helping them change their perception.