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The Holidays are supposed to be peaceful, a time when you can reflect and be grateful for the things in your life. Making sure that you can include your dog in that list during the holiday season is the sole purpose of this program!

Having a puppy is a spectacular time :) But it can also come with the pitfalls of teaching your puppy how to "LIFE" in your new home. The Puppy Necessities Program walks you through all of the things you need to do to help them get the best start that they possibly can!

Give the gift of a better behaved dog with a gift certificate!

Puppy Courses

Help your puppy learn that their mouth full of daggers is NOT a good way to communicate with you!

Help your pup learn how to do the deed where, and when, you ask them to, rather than in the middle of the floor.

Adolescent and Adult Dog Courses

Making sure you incorporate your newly adopted dog to your home and to your life is the very first step in having the BEST version of your new family member! The Program helps you take all of those right steps.

The dog teenage years can be hard! Make sure you're helping your dog transition to a respectful, well-mannered dog, rather than a defiant and sassy one!

Everything you need to make sure that you're able to live as stress free as possible, and have the best relationship with, your dog!

Unwanted Behaviors

Our Dogs bark. They're dogs. We're not mad at them but sometimes it can be a bit much. This package walks you through all the tactics you can use to help them STOP that barking!!

Stop looking at your dog wondering where they're keeping the springs under their feet, and give them a reason to STOP jumping!! (All positive of course)

Look forward to enjoying your relaxing walk with your dog rather than dreading them pulling your down the street!

"I help badass, dedicated owners to have an amazing relationship with their dog without endless hours of training using communication and canine coping skills"