Short Version

Girl always loved animals.

Girl decided she wanted to be a marine biologist

Girl went to school and graduated with a bachelor of Science in Marine Biology.

She went to Hawaii to an internship working with and training marine mammals, and fell in love with it.

Then she has to go back to the states and since dolphins can’t walk on land, she decided to train dogs.

The rest is history as she’s worked with many dog breeds in all ranges of sizes and focuses on helping dogs cope with the world around them while also listening to the humans they live with.

Long Version

Hi guys! My name is Kim Hawkinson and I’m the orchestrator of this crazy site.

I grew up around dogs and always had an affinity for them.

I went to the College of Charleston in South Carolina when I developed a love of cream based foods and the smell of plush mud (it’s the association it has, not the actual smell I PROMISE you!!)

After college, I got married and went to Oahu with my husband. That is where I had an internship at Sea Life Park. This is where my love for communication really blossomed as I saw the bridge between species being built

After I left Sea Life Park and Hawaii with my husband, we went to Arkansas where I worked at PetSmart for a short bout before starting growing my family.

As I grew my brood to three daughters and a dog (also female. Yes, my husband hates it), I learned various training tactics ranging from bite and scent work with police canines, service dog work that allowed dogs to help those with invisible disabilities, and schutzhund, a canine sport intertwining several skills including obedience, bite and scent work.

As the years progressed, I came to see how our dogs perception of things was the main bottlenecks in the level of happiness humans and canines were able to experience together. That’s what brought me to Perception Modification; thr process of changing our dogs emotional state then deconstruction their triggers to allow them to lose their impact.

And now I spend my days helping dog owners have better relationships with their dogs without countless hours of training by capitalizing on communication and canine coping skills.

Training Tactics & Philosophy

I believe that every dog is a person and a personality. Every single one is different and might have differences in how they learn best.

It’s my job to figure out what that learning style is and help the humans use the appropriate training tools to get the training directives across to their dogs on the least invasive and most direct way.

I believe that all training tools are options when, and only when, used in an appropriate manner.

I believe compliance can’t be forced or coerced from our dogs, but achieved through mutual respect for one another.

Having said all that, there comes a time that you’re going to have to tell your dog No. Correction doesn't come unless you know without a shadow of a doubt that your dog knows what's expected of them.

Credentials & Experience

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT - KA). This is a distinction that takes a minimum of three years to accomplish.

My training experience officially started when I had an internship at Sea Life Park in 2005, working with Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, California Sea Lions, and Galapagos Penguins.

After leaving Hawaii in late 2008, I came back to the states and took a job at PetSmart.

I decided to star my own training company, On Point Dog Training, in 2014; January 1st to be exact.

I’ve trained with police working dogs, as well as service animals while I was stationed in Arkansas. I’ve worked with various breeds of dogs of all shapes and sizes and all learning requirements.

As I progressed in my business, I came to learn that the root of the majority of the things that cause our dogs, and the humans who they co-habitate with, was what was going on between their ears.

I then started down the road of using Perception Modification Training to help our dogs better cope with the world around them, allowing them to live a more calm and peaceful life.

"I help badass, dedicated owners to have an amazing relationship with their dog without endless hours of training using communication and canine coping skills"