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If you’re here, you’re just as crazy about our favorite four-legged companions as I am. I remember I wanted the first dog my husband and I got when we were married. She was the most amazing and loving dog but she had some Dr. Phil issues whenever she saw another dog. I died inside every time she would go crazy at the site of another dog because all I wanted her to know was that she didn't have to act that way and she was safe.

That’s led me to where I am today.

I specialize in helping dogs that have heightened emotions including fear, anxiety, aggression, and excitement. Our emotions dictate our actions and our dogs are no different.

They get sad, mad, and frustrated just like we do. By helping dog owners discover the underlying emotions their dogs have that cause those emotions, everything else after those emotions are addressed is easier.

Having three children and being a military wife has taught me patience and to have grace with myself and those around me. Helping dog owners to have patience and grace with themselves and with their dogs has been one of the most rewarding gifts I’m able to give others.

What Clients Are Saying

Kim was very informative and very focused when she was training. It made me very happy that she was engaged in the training.

- Jessica B.

Kim is amazing, funny, and just down to earth.

- Cleo V.

Kim explains things in a way that makes it easy to understand and she is so personable.

- Melissa N.

You want to do the best job you can with your dog. You just might not have known they needed more than you knew how to give them.

No one gave you a manual on how to train the dog you brought home and even if you’ve had dogs before, none of them were like the one you’re living with now. If you’re here and reading this, you can nod along with me.

You’re tired of your dog looking at you like you’re speaking a different language!

You just can’t seem to figure out why they keep doing the same things and driving you crazy!

You’ve watched countless YouTube videos, read who-knows-how-many blog articles, and talked to everyone you thought you could belly searching for an answer that hasn’t come yet!

Whatever struggles you’re having, I can help. Having dealt with everything from aggression and biting people to learning how to stay in one place for more than two seconds, I’ve got you covered. I give my clients the tools to deal with the issues in front of them fast and effectively so you can get back to living your best kid with your dog.

Your dog can learn to be a better version of themselves and to change their habits even if other training hasn’t worked!


Your dog is capable of so many amazing things! You know this! Now is the time to take action and go look at how we can work together so you can start enjoying your dog NOW!

New York, NY, USA

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