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How long do the sessions last?

The session that involve me training your dog will last a minimum of an hour, possibly longer, with lots of breaks for your dog so they don't get overwhelmed.

Session while you train with me will be approximately an hour as well.

What training methods do you use?

I consider myself a balanced trainer, meaning I'm open to using tools like prong collars, but I try to exercise all other options to help your dog understnad what you're needing from them using positive reinforcement and motivation. I try to help my clients not be reliant on a piece of equipment and I don't believe that force or coercion will help you create the relationship with. your dog that you're wanting.

Do you offer a guarantee?

I don't offer a guarantee because I'm not in your home with you to ensure that you're doing the work required to maintain the behaviors with your dog. I do offer print and digital resources for your reference, as well as calls and mesenger support to ensure that you have all of your questions answered and we can troubleshoot any issues that you encounter in your dog training journey.

Do you provide ongoing support or follow ups after the training program is complete?

The support i offer my clients is something I proide myself on because I don't see oher dog trainers giving this level of support. You have access to me throughout the duration of your progam, access to digital and print resources that will help you in maintaining your dog's newly learned behaviors and manners, alon with many other resources. Yeah, I got your back!

What qualifications do you have as a dog trainer?

I've owned my own business and have been training dogs for the past decade. I'm a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and am educated in a cutting edge training technique that teaches dogs what it feels like to be calm and then teaches them to master that new ability, allowing them to face their triggers and cope with their surroundings.

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Phone: 808-226-5782

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