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A better relationship with your dog is closer than you think!

You’ve been dealing with the issues for long enough. Now it’s time to do something about it!

I know about the frustration you’re feeling. I know about the irritation and judgment you put on yourself as well as your dog. I know the confusion and chaos you experience every day as your dog continues to do things that don’t align with your house and life. You’re not alone and you’re one step closer to getting the help you need to put all of those things to rest.

The biggest difference between the programs is how much time we spend together and how much direct support you get.

The more time we have together and the more time we have with you and your dog, the faster the training works and the more your dog will learn in a shorter period of time.

*All of the programs listed can be completed online

Back To Basics Program

In the Back To Basics Program, your dog will learn to listen to you like you’re not just making suggestions when you tell them to do something.  

You won’t have to worry about your dog jumping on you or your guests any longer so you can enjoy both your friends and family, and your dog at the same time. 

The walks made stressful by the fear of your dog pulling you down the street will be a thing of the past as you and your dog learn to walk as a team rather than opponents. 

Your dog will learn to eagerly listen to the rules you have at home as they learn that listening is far more beneficial than not listening. 

It’s time to transform your dog into the amazing family member you know they can be.

This program is typically completed in 4 lessons and addresses:

  • Jumping on people

  • Leash walking

  • Behaviors like Sit, Down, and Stay

  • Listening better at home

  • Leaving things alone

  • And more

Includes Text & Email support during progam, notes on sessions,  and 6 months of follow-up phone support

Polished Pup Program

This program is perfect for the dog owners that want more control with their dogs so they can do more with them at home or out and about.

In addition to everything from the previous program, you’ll see your dog learn that there’s no need to bark at random invisible things inside so you can fully enjoy your much deserved relaxation at home after a hard days work.

Imagine your dog being more reliable around distractions, ensuring they have their listening ears on when you need them to, especially after they learn to not run out of open doors and ask them to remain where they are.

Having more control of your dog around the house gives you the freedom to not just do more with them, but allows you the ability to include them with the family. You can trust that they will be a participating family member that you’ve wanted them to be rather than just a spectator.

The program is typically completed in 8 lessons and addresses:

  • All of the above

  • Door manners

  • Coming when called

  • Low leel distractions (I know I need better verbiage around this)

  • Barking

  • And more!

Includes text & email support during program, notes on sessions,  progress video feedback so you can make progress faster, online portal access, and 1 year of follow-up phone support

Empowered Dog Program

In the Empowered Dog Program, you get everything in the previous 2 programs, along with watching your dog learn to be calm on cue, just like when you tell them to sit or lay down. This can be applicable to the pup that bark at things or a tool to help your dog live a longer, stress free life. 

Say goodbye to your dog going crazy at sounds inside or at people or dogs while on your walks and say hello to living a life where you can go anywhere with your dog and a bark-free, quiet, and harmonious life with your dog peacefully at your side.

Now you’ll be able to enjoy your dog both inside and outside of the home, taking pride in your rejuvenated outings.

Your dog will listen with focus to the commands you give them around the house. No longer will you feel like a frustrated and irritated broken record, arguing with family members because the dog continually gives you the metaphorical middle finger. Instead, your dog will make meeting you with enthusiastic cooperation their new daily habit.

Together, we will guide your dog to be the one that attracts praise and compliments anywhere you go. Now you’ll be able to go to more dog friendly locations and do more things with your dog because they’re so well-behaved, leading to a happier home, a happier dog, and more peaceful life together. 

  • Being calm on cue so you can have a calm dog by your side wherever you are

  • Fieldtrips to practice all the new skills out and about and perfect them

Includes text, emai, and messengerl support during program, notes on sessions, progress video feedback so you can make progress faster, in-between zoom sessions to get more clarity on steps to training tactics, lifetime online portal access, and unlimited phone and in-person follow-up sessions


Just after our first session we saw an immediate chage in out dog.

- Sheila M.

My pups are no longer confused on what is right and wrong. They have learned their words and are working will with them.

- Angela M

Working with you has helped me gain better control over my puppy and show her that I am the boss.

- Carol G

Hoping your dog will have better manners isn't going to fix the issues you're having with them

You and your dog both deserve to be happy and live your best lives together. I'm so excited to help you reach that goal!

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