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Your Puppy Wants To Be The Best Version Of Thelselves! Now You Can Help Them Do That!

Having a puppy is hard. Wether you've never had one before or it's been a hot minute, knowing how to deal with all the puppy trials can be trying. You're basically helping them learn how they're supposed to interact with you on a daily basis.

That's where training comes in.

Training your pup doesn't have to be hard, and it doesn't have to be stressful. You have to know what you want from them. You then take progressive steps to help your dog understand those rules and boundaries and implement those things until your dog gets the picture.

Again, it doesn't have to be hard. Your puppy is a sponge and is absorbing and watching everything you're doing.

Check out the programs below and see which words best for you and your family

The biggest difference between the programs is how much time we spend together and how much direct support you get.

The more time we have together and the more time we have with you and your dog, the faster the training works and the more your dog will learn in a shorter period of time.

*All of the programs listed can be completed online


This program is for puppies under 6 months of age

The Best Start Puppy Program helps you get past the stress that accompanies having a puppy and into the stage of having a puppy you’re proud of. 

Imagine your puppy not using your hands, arms, or anything else they can get into their mouths on as a chew toy. Instead, they’re enjoying the attention, allowing you to enjoy the “puppy stage” even more. 

Imagine your dog being accepting of nail trims or ear exams so the vet visits or in-home examinations are easy rather than dreaded or stressful. 

The potty accidents that are plaguing your floors and your socks will be a thing of the past, and your puppy will listen to you when you call them to the couch to cuddle. 

This program is typically completed in 3 lessons and addresses:

  • Potty training

  • Grooming guidance and training

  • Effective communication so your dog listens at the level you want them to

  • Puppy proofing the house

  • Nipping & Biting

  • And more

Includes text & email support, notes from our sessions, and homework to make sure that you’re progressing


This program is for puppies under 6 months of age

The jump start program gives you the tools to teach your puppy not just to “act right” but to shine at home among friends and family. 

Right now your puppy isn’t listening to you and acting out. It might even seem like they’ve taken over and are running the house. This makes you feel frustrated, irritated, and all out annoyed. 

Imagine they leave things alone when you tell them to and come to you when you call them by name. 

Imagine your dog walking politely at your side rather than being all over the place and crazy on walks. Now you can enjoy your walks and your dog more because you’re both calm and you can trust that they’ll listen to you. 

Make changes now so you can be prepared for the future with your dog. 

This program is typically completed in 5 lessons and addresses:

  • Effective communication at home

  • Behaviors like Sit, down, and Stay

  • Leaving things alone

  • Coing when called

  • Nipping separation anxiety in the bud before it starts

Includes text & email support, notes from our sessions, and homework to make sure that you’re progressing, video reviews and feedback, and 6 months of follow-up phone support


Just after our first session we saw an immediate chage in out dog.

- Sheila M.

My pups are no longer confused on what is right and wrong. They have learned their words and are working will with them.

- Angela M

Working with you has helped me gain better control over my puppy and show her that I am the boss.

- Carol G

Hoping your dog will have better manners isn't going to fix the issues you're having with them

You and your dog both deserve to be happy and live your best lives together. I'm so excited to help you feel more connected to your dog!

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